Dance Attire



Having the proper attire for any sport is very important. Just like hockey players cant play without pads and skates, dancers need proper shoes and clothing also.

The following is a list of all the class styles offered and the corresponding dress/hair requirements.




Girls - Fitted tank or t-shirt with fitted shorts or leggings. Black slip on Jazz Shoes. Hair must be back off the face in either a pony or a bun

Boys - T-shirt or tank with shorts or sweat pants. Black jazz shoes.



Girls-Bodysuit in any Color (6-8yrs wear t-shirt sleeve, 9-12 tank sleeve, 13+ may wear spaghetti straps) Ballet tights(may be any color as long as they are full tights), and pink ballet shoes*.

Boys - White t-shirt or tank top with black shorts or fitted pants, white socks and Black ballet shoes*

*Ages 6-12 male or female need leather ballet shoes.  13+ may wear canvas.



Girls - Bodysuit (any color) and black tights. Black full sole leather tap shoes. Hair must be pulled back off the face.

Boys - T-shirt or tank with shorts. Black leather tap shoes.



Girls - Fitted tank or t-shirt with fitted shorts or leggings. Bare feet. Hair must be pulled back off the face.

Boys - T-shirt or tank top with sweats or shorts. Black slip on jazz shoes.


Hip Hop

Boys and Girls - Loose fitting t-shirt or tank top, sweatpants and clean indoor running shoes (please remember that there are other classes in the same room in which dancers are in bare feet or light colored foot wear) Hair can be any way the dancer chooses for hip hop.


Tiny Toes

Girls - Long sleeve bodysuit (any color), pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers and black patten leather maryjane style tap shoes.

Boys - t-shirt or tank top with shorts or sweatpants, black ballet shoes and black leather lace up tap shoes.


Lite Dance Fit

Make sure you and your little one are dressed in comfortable, breathable clothes. Bare feet only please for everyone. Please try to keep buttons, zippers and snaps to a minimum.


Asana Yoga

Comfortable, breathable clothes are a must. You can bring your own yoga mat or use one of mine. Bare feet.


Musical Theatre

Boys and Girls - Comfortable clothing and black slip on jazz shoes.


Belly Dance - Fitted t-shirt or tank top with fitted shorts or dance pants and bare feet.


Please do not wear jeans or other tailored pant styles as it can be very hard to perform the required movements in such restrictive clothing.


Some Dance Attire and Dance Shoes can be ordered through The Dance Studio or purchased at


Dance Barre Dance Wear


221-1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton, BC


Dance Essentials


8-1960 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC






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