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Adult Ballet Really????

When a friend first suggested that I join her and take the adult ballet class my first reaction was laughter. I'll be honest, I don't have the body of a ballerina!  I decided to be brave and give it a try, and I am so glad I did!  Not only do we have a lot of laughs as we try, and try again, but I've learned a lot and my balance has improved too!  Leah has an amazing way of finding everyone's hidden talents and building our courage, while teaching us that it's all about believing in ourselves, and enjoying each imperfect moment. She helps us understand form and function while supporting us individually so we improve and learn every class. Come join us!  I guarantee that you will have a great time!


Julie Johannson

This Year I Turned 60!!

I just celebrated my 60th birthday. I have been taking tap classes for 5 years now. I never had the opportunity when I was a child to take dance.... but I am dancing now! And I love it! I look forward to my classes each week...always so much fun! I cannot wait to put on my tap shoes and get in the studio! I love the music! We have a good warm-up each class... Learn new steps.... Lots of fun... laughter.... And exercise that is fun! Dancing has given me SO MUCH CONFIDENCE! It has also improved my balance and coordination immensely!  We are working on our year end show choreography now... and it is so exciting! I enjoy all the rehearsals at the studio before our show... and it gets really exciting when we actually start rehearsing at the theatre! To be in a Dance Show every year.... What can I say?....A wonderful experience! I AM A DANCER! AND I LOVE IT!!!!   Thank You.

Kristina Moen

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