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Ages 3 , 4 , 5

This program is geared specifically for the age of the child and how much they can handle.  3 year olds will learn basic dance concepts such as balance, pointing toes, kicking straight legs, spinning both directions, and many more.  They will also learn to take turns, follow instruction and remember simple choreography patterns.  The last 15 minutes of class is dedicated to acro dance.  The kids learn to bear and crab crawl, progressions to lead towards hand stands and cartwheels, forward and backward rolls and much more. 



Think back to the days of Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson and Paula Abdul and you will see jazz dancing. Flexibility, clean straight lines and lots of turns and jumps are the focus of jazz class, all the while rocking out to rock and roll, pop, dance and electronic music


Beauty and grace combine with strength and dedication in ballet class.  Dancers will learn full body control as well as working to perfect posture, improve flexibility and master each skill. 


The Dance Studio follows the Al Gilbert Tap Curriculum. Make rhythm with your feet. Tap is fun for all ages.



Hip Hop can be done by anyone, and its a great workout. Get your heart pumping to pop, rap, electronic and reggae beats. Loosen up and get funky while sweating and learning some super fun moves you can take to any dance floor!



Basics of Ballet and Jazz meet beautiful lyrics and fun musicality in this emotional dance genre!  Show your emotions and story tell through movement. 



Challenge your body to make shapes and travel through the space in unique and creative ways. Connect to the earth with tons of super fun floor work too. This class is very improve driven while still focusing on core strength and balance. Basics of ballet and jazz technique get all twisted in this fun and challenging dance genre.


If your interested in Broadway this is the class for you.  Youth aged 8-18 combine in this Singing, Dancing and Acting class.  Kids will not only be working with a qualified dance instructor but a trained vocal coach as well!!!!



Basic tumbling and gymnastics meets dance in this challenging, strengthening and team building dance form. We even have a preschool class for this genre so dancers 4 years old and up can challenge themselves with strength movements and dynamic dancing to go with it. 


Adult Tap

Tap Dance is one of the dance styles that you can pick up at any age.  It can even be done sitting in a chair.  Come on out and give it a try.  This class is excellent for men also so bring your husbands along if you like. We offer different levels for anyone wanting to get Tapping. New beginner classes starting often!!


Adult Ballet

This class is excellent for you beginners that have always wanted to dance but were afraid.  Movements are done slow or in great repetition   Simple set exercises will feel easier as you attend more classes.  This genre is great for people who want to build balance, core stability and better posture.  Over time this class can help reduce overall stiffness and correct posture, this in turn can reduce daily aches and pains making daily life more comfortable. 


Coffee YOGA (open to all) 

A low impact work out this yoga class is drenched in tradition, but with a bit of a dancers twist to further improve balance strength and flexibility. All Levels are welcome. Great for beginners!!!


TAPfit       !!!!NEW IN 2020!!!

Join certified TAPfit instructor Miss Leah for the most fun and empowering workout you've ever had.  With TAPfit you don't just exercise and dance to the beat, you are the beat.  This is not a dance class but a Fitness class where we use patented footwear called FEET BEATS to add another layer to our workout.  Challenge your body and brain at the same time as losing weight, all while having a super fun time!! 




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